VIDEOS ‘You are fired’, Trump must leave after certification of victory to Joe Biden


The United States Congress certified late Wednesday the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections on November 3, after a day that was marked by riots that led to an assault on the Capitol.

The votes for President of the United States are as follows: Joseph R. Biden Jr., from the state of Delaware, has received 306 votes; Donald J. Trump, from the state of Florida, has received 232, ”Vice President Mike Pence notified at the end of the session.

For hours the bicameral session was suspended due to the seizure of Congress by a group of supporters of President Donald Trump, who even claimed the life of a woman who participated in the assault. However, around eight o’clock in the afternoon, the legislators – who had had to be evacuated – returned to the plenary session.

“Let’s get back to work,” said a laconic Pence as the session resumed, about six hours after lawmakers had to be evacuated because of the altercations.

Pence, who chaired the Electoral College vote certification process and whom Trump has criticized for not ending the process, despite the fact that the vice president lacks the authority to do so, lamented that it was “a dark day in history. ”.

“Those who brought chaos to our Capitol today, they did not win. Violence never wins, freedom does, and this is still the people’s house, ”said the vice president.

Trump reluctantly leaves

One of his assistants assures on Twitter that the president does not agree with what the Americans voted in the elections.
“Although I do not agree at all with the results of the elections and the facts give me reason, there will be an orderly transition on January 20,” said the aide to Donald Trump in a statement on Twitter.


This January 7, the United States Congress ratified the election of Joe Biden, 78, as president of the country in the midst of the curfew to stop the protests of the followers of the current president Donald Trump, according to the results of the debate.