Trump divides but continues to reign in his own way, in search of a second term

Division is the common denominator with which different sectors are qualifying the attitude of the President of the United States Donald Trump towards the facts derived from the death of the African American George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of a police officer in that capital.

In this turmoil of differences, protests and political campaign in its maximum splendor, the last few hours have left Trump badly standing before the public opinion of his country and the world because the eyes of the entire international community have witnessed first-hand the police brutality and the angry reaction of the community, which without distinction of colors or classes, has remained in the streets in one of the most historic days of protest known in that country.

United States President Donald Trump is currently harassed by the refusal of his Secretary of Defense, Mark Ester, to send Army troops to states and cities where the situation is complex due to the protests that are still ongoing by the murder of African American George Floyd.

And an ancestor of this, James Mattis, directly accused him of dividing the Nation.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has singled out Donald Trump for “having turned our country into a battlefield divided by old resentments and new fears. He thinks the division helps him,” he said.

In addition, he insisted that a profound reform of the rules on the operation of the Police in the United States should be undertaken immediately: “there is no time to lose: we must immediately get to work on a real police reform. Congressman @Hakeem_Jeffries has a bill to ban bottlenecks. Congress should put it on President Trump’s desk in the next few days, “he said.

Derek Chauvin, life sentence?

Regarding this crime, a Minneapolis prosecutor strengthened the charges against Derek Chauvín, the police officer who caused his death. This fact could cause a life sentence for this member of the police forces, a fact that may be historical in the long chain of abuses by those security forces against citizens in the United States.

This fact could contribute to diminish the strong tension of the protests that continue throughout the country and that even last night defied curfew orders in cities like Los Angeles, Washington and New York.
Meanwhile, CBS journalistic teams were attacked by protesters, a situation that was even denounced by President Trump himself a few minutes ago in an apparent gesture to seek reconciliation with the media with which he has not had the best relationship during his term.

These protests in the United States have also shown different nuances such as that of an archbishop of New York City who also left to express his rejection of the murder of Floyd.

Another interesting aspect is that the protests, how many Indians borders and have even ended in confrontations between protesters and police, as was the case of some events that took place in London in front of the residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.