Miguel Bosé, from bandit lover to vaccine expert

The Spanish singer literally sings questions to Pedro Sánchez and husbands Bill and Melina Gates.

“The pharmaceutical company GAVI, for those who do not know it, is owned by the BILL & MELINDA GATES Foundation, the specialists in failed vaccines that have caused so many victims around the world. India has expelled and denounced them. Africa still carries its consequences. Kenya has uncovered.”

With these expressions from his Twitter account, the Spanish singer and songwriter, Miguel Bosé, has dispatched against the billionaire couple, broken dishes that are also paid by the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez.

“Bill Gates, the eugenicist, forgets the existence of the damn newspaper archive, and in the past he spoke repeatedly about his vaccines project that carried micro chips or nano bots, to obtain all kinds of information from the world population with the sole purpose of controlling it ”, Bosé has pointed out.

And he says that these could also be added various metals, even more toxic than they already include, illegal adjuvants or the so-called “smart powder,” all of them threatening our health and without our consent. This phase has been carried out ”, he assured.

Bill and Melinda Gates, renowned philanthropists,
today seriously questioned by Miguel Bosé.
“And once they activate the 5G network, key in this global domain operation, we will be sheep at their mercy and needs. Pedro Sánchez ‘El Salvador’, on behalf of the Government of all Spaniards, has just become an accomplice to this macabre and supremacist plan, as usual without the permission of the citizens. ”

I only intend to report on the announced situation towards which, among other misdeeds, we are being led. I SAY NO TO THE VACCINE, NO TO 5G, NO TO THE SPAIN / BILL GATES ALLIANCE, Miguel Bosé has proclaimed