Latin American Glance: Brazil hides Covid19 data, restricts Venezuela-Colombia border, tension remains in the US

ARGENTINA, Education. Given the circulation of the virus that exists in different parts of Argentina and the advances of the last week we can project in almost all the national territory, if the indicators we have these days are sustained, the possibility of returning in August, just the winter holidays are over, says the Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta

Brazil, do they hide data ?. Controversy continues in this country due to the decision of the Jair Bolsonaro government not to publish official data on the evolution of the Coronavirus. The media, political sectors and the community demand immediate and current responses.

Mexico. The #IMSS unveiled the companies in which a high number of disabilities due to respiratory diseases were identified, located mainly in the Valley of Mexico and Baja California and has increased in Tabasco, Chiapas and Guerrero.

The Savior. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) registered this morning three earthquakes that shook part of the country. The first of the earthquakes was recorded at 12:05 a.m. with an epicenter off the coast of Guatemala, 127 kilometers from Barra de Santiago and 10 kilometers deep.

Uruguay. The Municipality of Montevideo reported that users can clearly identify the new lines, since they are identified with the letter “E”. The entire fleet is made up of electric, accessible and air-conditioned vehicles.

Venezuela. The government of Nicolás Maduro decided to substantially restrict the passage through the border with Colombia starting this Monday, amid tensions both due to the spread of the coronavirus and the presence in its neighboring country of a small troop of 50 United States military personnel, in an agreement against drug trafficking.

Colombia. The week begins with a stir because of the arrest of the Governor of Antioquia, the most industrial in the country, Anibal Gaviria, by order of the prosecution and related to events in 2007.

United States. The social and political tension increases, because while tomorrow the funeral of George Floyd, killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, and where the Democratic candidate Joe Biden will attend to greet the relatives of the African American, will take place. strong controversial phase. According to a survey released yesterday, 80% do not believe that Trump is handling the crisis well.

Ecuador. The Ministry of Public Health issued an epidemiological alert to a possible re-entry of measles cases in Ecuador. Surveillance and control measures will be implemented to avoid secondary transmission due to an importation of cases.

Nicaragua. According to the report from the Citizen Observatory, Nicaragua reached the alarming sum of 5,027 people affected by the coronavirus. This information network disseminates data other than that used by the government of Daniel Ortega, who is believed to hide the true impact of the pandemic in his country.

Spain. Arcadi Spain announces 3 million euros in aid to compensate for the losses of public transport services companies affected by the health crisis