URGENT Marches, blockades and twitts put Colombia under strong pressure for social protest

“Can you imagine Blocked Fifth Avenue in New York?”: With that comparison, the Colombian Interior Minister, Daniel Palacios, has just emphasized in an interview with the Semana Magazine digital media that this is a crime and that this government is not going to do it to normalize. With this important piece of information, we take a tour of this new day of social protest in Colombia. Gustavo Petro enters the scene of the marches, Uribe warns about international norms that regulate non-violence in protests and the right to strike.

Minister Palacios has also warned Semana that “there are people enjoying this chaos.”

And all this, while President Iván Duque has made a peremptory call not to kidnap the country: We all have to be clear: our country cannot be kidnapped, because closing the arteries of reactivation, vaccination, development and employment is affect the hopes and opportunities of Colombians. And the only way to silence social concerns is to grow.


And for the first time, the senator and candidate who leads the polls one year after the presidential elections, Gustavo Petro, is present at the marches.