Renewable energies arise as a generation alternative in the face to Covid19 crisis published a new article on the energy and natural resources industry “Reduced Demand for Electricity During COVID-19 Outbreak”

Some power generation and distribution companies are postponing planned non-critical maintenance in order to avoid bringing additional people into facilities.

Instead, they are focusing resources on maintaining the power supply. Maintenance could be an issue for nuclear power plants as many typically schedule refueling outages during the spring.

In response to the pandemic, The United States’ Nuclear Regulatory Commission has updated rules around maintenance and staffing such as allowing reactor operators to work longer shifts and postponing some maintenance and plant inspections.

There has been a reduced demand for electricity owing to the cancellation of major sporting events and concerts as well as the closure of many businesses.

Some states have banned the disconnection of power for those who have fallen into financial difficulty due to the pandemic.

Deferring or waiving customers bills may have implications for power companies finances. In the future, some companies may try to get more electricity from renewable energy sources if demand and revenues decline as these sources cost less to operate than facilities which run on fossil fuels.

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