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Protesters in Basra, Iraq Reportedly Set Iranian Consulate on Fire


The escalation of the violent protests, which are directed against unemployment and the poor state of communal services, in Basra on September 3 has resulted in several deaths among the protesters, according to Iraq’s Human Rights Commission.

The Iranian consulate in the al-Barda’iya area of Basra was set on fire and stormed by protesters on September 7, a source told Sputnik. Kurdistan 24 reported that protesters also attacked the US consulate in the city.

Protesters have stormed several government buildings, as well as the offices a state-funded TV channel on September 6. The headquarters of local authorities and political parties have reportedly been set on fire. Protesters have also blocked Iraq’s biggest port, Umm Qasr.

Basra has been rocked by protests since September 3, with residents demanding that authorities fix the situation with drinkable water and electricity in the city, as well as deal with rising unemployment. At least 10 people have been killed in the protests on both sides and many more injured. The Iraqi government will hold an extraordinary session on September 8 to discuss the situation in Basra.