High tension in Colombia: Eln and former FARC interference in taking over Cali, more riots, US aid to Police at risk – VIDEOS

The Semana Magazine has just published an account with serious evidence of a systematic action by dissidents from the Farc and Eln militias to besiege the city of Cali, the epicenter of the most serious confrontation for 18 days, when the protests began as a result of the call for a national strike.

Popayán en llamas, is the version of Caracol Noticias on TV.

incendio durante protestas en popayan cauca.jpg

The photo published by Blu Radio corresponds to Popayán, capital of Cauca in the southwest of Colombia, which in recent hours has been the epicenter of serious protests and aberrant events, such as the one reported by the same radio station.

“A new alleged case of sexual abuse by Esmad uniforms against a minor was known in Popayán during the recent protests. It is about a 17-year-old minor who denounced that on May 12 she was attacked by the uniformed men ”.

“This fact is in addition to that of Alison Meléndez, a young woman who decided to take her own life one day after being detained and report obscene acts against her. The new case was denounced by Doris Semanate, mother of the minor who was also part of the medical mission that accompanied the marches ”.

“The only thing she was doing was being with me,” said the woman.

All this while new marches and protests have been called this Saturday, while the young president of Colombia, Iván Duque, using dialogue techniques from half a century ago, will have separate meetings with former presidents Andrés Pastrana and César Gaviria, seeking outlets to the crisis.

Again in Bucaramanga, eastern part of the country, there were disturbances and damage.

El Espectador has published that according to the NGOs Indepaz and Temblores, during the last two weeks there have been 2,110 cases of police violence, without counting the people reported missing since last April 28.

Indepaz y Temblores ONG alertan a la CIDH de 2.110 denuncias por violencia policial

In other events, this time in Valle del Cauca, the Jamundí mayor’s office was set on fire.

And After 18 days of intense protests where the evidence shows enough violent and excessive actions by the Colombian Police against protesters in different parts of the territory, 50 United States congressmen have asked the State Department to immediately suspend direct aid from that country to the police entity.