America wakes up between disobedience to Trump and rebirth of 400 years of slavery

Far from seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in the deep crisis that the United States is experiencing, after the murder in Minneapolis of the African American citizen George Floyd at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin, this country that proclaims itself an example of freedom in the world has Today the deep wound of more than 400 years of slavery is open.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump faces one of his worst internal crisis in his administration, because at this moment many leaders and analysts are wondering how many hours Defense Secretary Marc Esper 100 should be remaining in office for the second consecutive day he has neglected. the orders of the US president and has ordered the withdrawal of the Army forces from Washington.

Some people in New York City defy the curfew order.

In less than 24 hours, Esper has distanced himself from two forceful orders from Donald Trump, the first to take the United States Army to states and cities where the demonstrations have been intense and have overflowed, turning emblematic places into true urban battlefields, never seen before in the country. And the second, order the withdrawal of the Washington military, whose presence had been ordered by the President.

“My fellow Americans – My first and highest duty as President is to defend our great Country and the American People. I swore an oath to uphold the laws of our Nation — and that is exactly what I will do”, Trump said this morning in his first message on twitter.

And while this is happening in the upper echelons of United States power at George Floyd’s funerals, long-standing African American leaders have raised their voices to point out that the murder of this man is nothing more than the prolongation of 400 years of slavery in this country where according to them the custom has been that the white knee is always on the neck of the blacks.

This Friday the country reaches 11 days of interrupted proposals and several days have been scheduled for this Saturday in different parts of the country because it seems that the soul of George Floyd has expanded not only in the United States but throughout the world to claim the true Equality right.

So far, President Trump has not spoken about the systematic disobedience of his defense secretary, but connoisseurs of his disposition do not rule out that in hours or days he is making determinations as what as commander-in-chief of all the institutional weapons of the country has ridiculed by his defense secretary.

Obviously, the Esper criticisms have been swift since analysts of the extreme right have pointed out as unfair not only to the government that belongs but to the country.


Another aspect that has been evident in these protests is that, above all, white people have exhibited high-powered weapons in the wake of protests demanding rights and an end to police violence against people of color.

So, in the midst of protests, which are increasingly peaceful, it must be said, tension in the United States continues because, despite the lower intensity of the protests, many of these violate the curfew declarations, as was the case last night. New York case where a march culminated in heavy police intervention

Another chapter that has emerged in this story has been that of the tacit acceptance of black protest by many policemen who in different parts of the country have knelt on the marches and have expressed peaceful protests, which is surprising in front of a traditional custom of lashing out forcefully at those who contradict order and law in the United States.

“SecDef Mark Esper’s comment about not invoking the Insurrection Act was offputting at the height of Anarchist Terror in our American cities. Indeed I have undermined the President, an inopportune moment for which I took advantage” people said in social networks.

Tucker Carlson & former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright both argued that the country “is on fire” & criticized Defense Secretary Mark Esper for his opposition to invoking the Insurrection Act to help deal with riots that have swept across the country.

Closing this wound in this tough chapter of the United States will not be easy, but the forceful events today tell the world that this country has a before and after May 25 when the tragic event of Floyd’s murder occurred, something is changing and the Time will determine if it is a sharp turn in the policy of equal rights in the most powerful country in the world.